Still some good salmon and trout fishing offshore!

When the conditions are nice we are running 10+ miles offshore and catching some quality rainbow trout (steelhead). Closer to shore we’re finding big lake trout putting on the feed in preparation for their spawn and scattered king salmon and brown trout. In a couple weeks salmon should be starting to stage for their fall spawning run.


Quality King Salmon Miwaukee to Port Washington

Fishing is still good, but catch rates have dropped down this past week as the larger schools of Coho Salmon and Steelhead have dispersed. Making up for the quantity of bites has been the quality of many King Salmon taken recently. Cold water and a lot of available bait all across the lake has the fish scattered right now. Covering a lot of water has been the name of the game recently targeting the top 50 feet. At any point in the trip you could hook a Trophy 20-30+ pound fish!

Mixed bag and a 25 pound King!

Mixed bag and a 25 pound King!

The bite is hot! Steelhead, Giant Kings, Coho and Lake Trout, Limit Catches!

The last few days have been excellent fishing, catching limits on several trips. Steelhead (rainbow trout) have dominated the catch followed by coho and lake trout. We’ve also been hooking into a few huge 20+ pound king salmon to make things really interesting!

Sport fishing salmon

Sport fishing salmon

3 man limit

3 man limit

Lake Michigan Salmon

Lake Michigan Salmon

Giant Kings Scattered Coho and Steady Lake Trout Action!

The bite is on! What a difference one week of warm weather has made. Some trophy size king salmon have shown up and they are willing to bite! The coho bite still hasn’t got going full force yet, but with these warm days now that could change overnight. We are still catching some a few coho every time out. The lake trout action continues to be the most consistent and we’re catching fish all over the water column. The biggest lake trout have come off the bottom in 110 feet of water.

There’s a lot of bait and the warmest water in less than 30 feet, but for the most part only small schools of scattered salmon in shallow. The best fishing lately has been in 80-150 fow.

We have been catching some big fish lately including a 25 pound king and 18 pound lake trout the last time out.

18 pound lake trout

18 pound lake trout

24.7 pound King Salmon with Let’s Joe Fishing!

24.7 pound King Salmon with Let’s Joe Fishing!

Consistent Action, but still waiting on the big push of Coho

We’ve been having coho action every time out, but they seem to be small pods of fish and not the big schools that could show any day. We are marking a lot of bait! The fish should not be far behind. The warm up this week should help speed things up.

The key to our success has been covering a lot of water until we find a school, then making multiple passes over the exact spot to pick off the active biters. The schools haven’t been big, so being a little off the mark results in no bites.

In addition to the coho we’ve been catching some nice lake trout. The average size on these lake trout has been really nice.

lake michigan lake trout
pair of coho salmon, Racine WI

Coho Salmon Fishing Picking Up, Brown Trout & Lake Trout

We’ve been catching a mixed bag of coho salmon, brown trout & lake trout out of Racine WI. On Saturday the conditions on Lake Michigan were excellent and we covered water to find some early schools of fish. We ended up working the transition areas, where the warm murky water meets the clear cold.

Ended up landing 6 cohos and 1 lake trout on Saturday, a good start to the season. Conditions this week don’t look great for fishing the big water, so Let’s Joe Fishing will be focusing on inland lake multi species fishing for the next few days.

Cohos and Laker, Racine WI

Cohos and Laker, Racine WI


First Cohos Showing Up!

Went for a solo fish & scouting trip yesterday afternoon, May 1st. Launched out of Racine WI onto Lake Michigan looking for signs of salmon. Water temp was ~43-44.5 degrees. Ended up going 3 for 5, landing two fat brown trout and one nice coho. The action should only get better from here!

I kept the coho and one of the seeforellen brown trout for dinner and a side by side taste comparison. Both fish had beautiful orange flesh with the coho being a little brighter orange. I have to say that they were both excellent! The coho was the winner for sure and possibly the best eating fish in Lake Michigan. I was very impressed with the brown trout, which was also delicious and had more of the classic trout flavor to it.


River Steelhead Action Continues

I spent a couple hours on the Root River today and landed 4 nice steelhead. There’s a good number of both pre-spawn and post-spawn fish in the river right now. Water temp was ~50 degrees and moving quick, but the water level was good. The water is a little murky, which can be good and bad. Bad for trying to see fish, but good for stealth and reaction bites.

All of my fish came on an egg sucking leech today. These Lake Michigan run trout are aggressive and fighting hard! Based on the weather forecast, the next few days of fishing should be excellent.


Good River Steelhead Fishing

Steelhead fishing is good right now in the Lake Michigan tributaries. The Root River and Milwaukee River are both producing some nice fish. Water temps were in the 45-47 degree range for most of the weekend. Water levels are low and clear at the moment, making fish spooky. Stealth is key to success, and your best chance of hooking up is going to be on your 1st or 2nd cast into an area.

It appears to be a quality over quantity game at the moment. There’s some really nice fish in the 8-15+ pound range, but not high numbers. The next decent rain should bring up a big run of new fish.

Orange egg patterns were the most productive for me, but other anglers were catching fish on the usual baits.

IMG_2474 2.JPG