When is the best time to book a salmon charter?

Generally speaking, mid May through early August is peak salmon season. There are great brown trout, lake trout and fall run salmon opportunities outside of that window as well. Brown trout and Coho salmon are the first to show up usually at the beginning of May. Action can be fast and furious for these tasty salmon, which average 2-5 pounds. June will see more steelhead, lake trout and chinook (king) salmon in the mix. Late June through July is when the King salmon fishing can be best, but all species are present. By late August into September fish will be staging near the river mouths for their annual fall spawning runs. This is a great time to catch huge fish.

What should I bring?

Anyone 16 years or older must have a Valid Wisconsin Fishing License with Great Lakes Salmon/Trout Stamp (great lakes trout/salmon stamp is not required on an inland multi species trip).

Food & Drink (alcohol permitted)

Warm clothes, it’s usually much colder on the water.

Cooler for your catch!

How many people do I need to book a charter?

1-3 people is a great number for a salmon or multi species trip because it maximizes room in the boat and angling opportunities. Adding a 4th person on a salmon charter is a great way to help split the cost of the trip, but it does sacrifice a little comfort inside the boat.

What is the cancellation policy?

Free cancellation or rescheduling up to 1 week before your trip. Inside of 1 week, trips cannot be refunded.

What if we catch our limit of fish before the charter is over?

Wisconsin law requires you to stop fishing once your limit of 5 salmon/person is reached. If this is the case, we will have to head in early. Back at the dock we can clean the catch and relax on the boat.

Are Lake Michigan salmon good to eat?

Yes, they’re delicious! The Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources has general statewide safe eating guidelines.

Who cleans the fish?

Your captain is happy to clean your fish for no charge.

What if i’m afraid of getting sea sick?

Getting sea sick is not fun. Your captain knows this better than anyone after living on a sailboat for two years. Fortunately most people don’t feel the effects of sea sicknesses on our salmon charters. Still, even under the best conditions anyone can get sea sick. If you think you are prone to sea sicknesses we recommend being well hydrated and avoiding alcohol consumption. More tips on how to avoid seasickness can be found here.

What if its really bad weather?

Let’s Joe Fishing takes pride in providing safe and enjoyable experiences. If the captain decides that the conditions are unsafe or too unpleasant then he will cancel the trip. We will do our best to communicate this in advance if possible. If a trip is cancelled by the captain, then you will receive a 100% refund.

Am I expected to leave a tip?

Leaving a tip is completely optional. Most satisfied customers tip 10-20% at the end of the charter.

What kind of fishing techniques will we be using?

Most of the time we will be trolling as it is the most effective. Jigging & casting are effective and fun techniques at certain times as well.

What boat will we be on?

Let’s Joe Fishing operates on a fully loaded 19’ deep v style lund fishing boat. Brand new last year, the Barbara Jo (named after Captain Joe’s mother in law) is a fishing machine that can safely handle the big waters of Lake Michigan and Green Bay. At the same time, the Barbara Jo is easy to trailer and therefore move to wherever the bite is hot. Easy to maneuver and compared to other boats of it’s size, the Barbara Jo is a hybrid model that maximizes space inside the boat. This means more room inside the boat and more comfort.


What if I have more questions?

Contact Captain Joe Kutschenreuter: 262-745-3414, letsjoefishing@gmail.com with any questions you might have.